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  • Hello Readers,

    My name is Kim Flanagan. This is my first official blog post, but this is not my ‘first rodeo’ with Indium Corporation. I have worked in multiple company facilities over the past year, as a college intern, working primarily with Indium Corporation’s Quality teams. I gained experience with our various product lines, from solder preforms, wire, and ribbon to fluxes and solder pastes, while I completed my degree in physics. Now that I am full-time, I have taken on the role of Technical Support Engineer for the America’s North-Eastern and South-Eastern regions. Most of our Technical Support Engineers have been around for quite some time. That makes me part of a new generation at Indium Corporation. It seems appropriate that I take over the responsibility of studying the new generation of electronics assembly – robotic soldering.

    The word ‘robot’ has acquired somewhat of a reputation in the manufacturing industry; just as the word 'automobile' was terrifying to the horse businesses. Some may say that the word 'robot' is associated with the replacement of human operators leading to loss of jobs. However, may I ask, where would the electronics assembly world be presently without pick-and-place machines? With the growing electronics industry, it is absolutely essential to find quicker, more efficient, more effective ways of soldering.

    Robotic soldering is becoming increasingly popular. I will research the subject and document the information I learn via blog posts. My objective is to acquire as much information as there is to know about robotic soldering, including all of the benefits, disadvantages, practical vs. impractical uses, best application practices, and so forth. I look forward to this new realm of soldering and keeping everyone who follows along up-to-date. If you've got something to offer, please shoot me a comment.

    Stay tuned for more on robotic soldering!