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Winners Announced for SMT IQ Test

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  • Folks,

    A few weeks ago, I posted an SMT quiz on my blog as an opportunity for my readers to test their SMT IQ. We received 213 responses, which seemed very good to me. 

    As part of the test, we have selected five lucky winners of a $25 digital gift card! Congratulations to our winners, we hope you enjoyed testing your knowledge: 

    •  Joe B.
    •  Nicole B.
    •  Warren H.
    •  Aditya K.
    •  Jim M.

    *Winners will be contacted by our team soon

    Are you interested in how the more than 200 respondents fared on the test? Here’s the breakdown of results:

    10 correct responses – President’s List: 11%

    8-9 correct responses – Dean’s List: 35%

    6-7 correct responses – Honor Roll: 23%

    4-5 correct responses – Study Hall: 10%

    3 or under correct responses – Repeat the Course: 21%

    The answers to the quiz can be found here. The correct answer is in bold.

    1. What does QFN stand for?
      1. Quad Flat Pack Non Standard
      2. Quad Flat Pack No Leads
      3. Quad Flat Pack Non Wetting
      4. Quad Flat Pack Non Terminated
    2. What is immersion silver?
      1. A coating on component leads to increase solderability
      2. A silver detector that is immersed in solder baths
      3. A coating on PWB pads to improve solderability
      4. Silver that is immersed in tin to make SAC solder pastes
    3. What is the approximate cost of silver per troy oz?
      1. $200
      2. $100
      3. $25
      4. $100
    4. In all tests, tin-lead solder has been shown to be more reliable than SAC305
      1. True
      2. False
    5. If component placement is the “gate” in the cycle time of an SMT assembly line, to assume maximum throughput:
      1. The chip shooter(s) should take less time populating the PWB than the flexible placer(s)
      2. The flexible placers(s) should take less time populating the PWB than the chip shooter(s)
      3. All placement machines should take the same amount of time populating the PWB.
      4. None of the above
    6. What does CSP stand for?
      1. Compound Semiconductor Package
      2. Centering SMT Package
      3. Chip-Scale Package
      4. None of the above
    7. A process has ten steps, the yield at each step is 99%. What is the end of the process yield?
      1. 90.4%
      2. 89.1%
      3. 90%
      4. None of the above
    8. What is the fundamental material of most integrated circuits?
      1. Alumina
      2. Carbide
      3. Silicon
      4. PTFE
    9. What is closest by percent weight of most solder metals in solder paste?
      1. 50%
      2. 30%
      3. 90%
      4. 65%
    10. What is HASL?
      1. A PWB pad surface finish consisting of solder
      2. A device that helps improve the speed of the chip shooter
      3. A device to clean the bottom of stencils
      4. A test fixture

    Stay tuned, more fun to come!


    Dr. Ron