High-Performance Precision Gold Preforms

Gold Paste

Gold-tin solder paste is used in a variety of high-reliability applications, where its high melting point, non-creep, high-tensile stress, thermal and electrical conductivity, as well as proven usage life makes it a standard "known-good" material.

Features & Benefits

  • Highest tensile strength of any solder
  • High melting point is compatible with subsequent reflow processes
  • Pb-free
  • Superior thermal conductivity
  • Resistance to corrosion
  • Superior thermal fatigue resistance
  • Good joint strength
  • Excellent wetting properties
  • Resistance to oxidation
  • AuSn is compatible with precious metals
  • AuSn is RoHS compliant
Gold Tin Solder Paste

Gold-Tin Solder Paste

80Au/Sn Powder
  • Type 3 (25-45 microns)
  • Type 4 (15-38 microns)
  • Type 5 (15-25 microns)
  • Type 6 (10-20 microns)
  • Type 6-SG
  • Type 7-SG
No-Clean Flux
  • NC-SMQ51SC (used in high-power LED and MEMS)
  • RMA-SMQ51A (for difficult to solder surfaces in die-attach)
  • NC-SMQ75 (halogen-free and low-residue; requires <10ppm oxygen)
Water-wash Flux
  • Indium3.2HF
  • Indium3.2
Low-Volume Packaging
  • Jars (10g per jar)
  • Syringes (5cc syringes)
Gold Tin Solder Paste

Indalloy® 182

Indalloy® 182 (80Au/20Sn) has a melting point of 280°C (556°F). It can be made into solder paste form with various options to address specific applications. Gold-tin solder paste is generally used in applications that require a high melting temperature (over 150°C), good thermal fatigue properties, and high-temperature strength. It is also used in applications that require a high tensile strength and high corrosive resistance, or in step soldering applications where the paste will not melt during a subsequent low-temperature reflow process. For these reasons, Indalloy® 182 solder paste is widely used in military, aerospace, high-power LED, and medical applications