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Indium10.1 and Indium8.9HF Solder Pastes Help You Avoid the Void®

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  • Voiding is a common problem during SMT assembly. It's something all assemblers worry about. Typically the biggest concern with the solder void is it can interfere with a component's thermal management capabilities. If proper heat transfer is not possible, a device may heat up to an unacceptable temperature, which will cause it to malfunction. The bottom line: it's reliability. Why do Indium10.1 and Indium8.9HF pastes reduce voids? Quite simply, it's the chemistry. These pastes were developed with the optimal amount of wetting, oxidation barrier and rheology so that voiding, as well as other key perimeters, are minimized. Our team is ready, willing and able to help you with our extensive process and equipment knowledge, and our void-reducing solder pastes. For more information on how Indium Corporation can help you to Avoid the Void™ visit our website at