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Learn More About PoP Solder Paste

From an upcoming SMTAI presentation dealing with PoP solder paste: "...Formulation, particle size, and metal loading are all key factors in the design of a PoP-specific solder paste. The time spent evaluating these new products is well spent. Electrical opens on your boards when using standard SMT materials or outdated dipping pastes can result in costly and time-consuming rework down the road. With the proper material and process, insufficient solder transfer and head in pillow defects can be a thing of the past." 

If you're interested in solder paste, thermal management, or eliminating solder defects - please join us at the 2009 SMTA International Electronics Exhibition this October.  The Indium Crew is scheduled for many presentations, including the Package on Package presentation mentioned above. 

Authored by previous Indium Application Manager Jim Hisert