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Trade Show Travels June 2022

June has been a busy month for the semiconductor team at Indium Corporation. Earlier this month the team traveled to ECTC in San Diego California, the premier international event bringing together experts in electronics packaging, components, and microelectronic systems science. While we were there, we were actively promoting our newest products, including our SiPaste® series of fine-powder solder pastes, our newly released Durafuse™ HT, our flip-chip and ball-attach fluxes, and our array of thermal interface materials. It was also great to attend the technical conference and catch up on the latest and greatest advancements from experts in the field. Our own Andy Mackie gave a phenomenal presentation as part of the conference as well on some of the work that his team has done with regard to the advancement of thermal interface materials at Indium Corporation—way to go Andy! More specifically, his talk focused on the optimization of reflowed solder TIMs (or sTIMS) processes for Heterogeneous Integration Packages, and I’m sure Dr. Mackie would be more than happy to answer any questions regarding his talk. You can reach him at

As an aside, while the semiconductor team was at our headquarters this past month, we were all able to get together and go hiking at Blue Mountain Lake in the Adirondack Mountains. We all had a great time outdoors hiking a new trail and exploring the Adirondack Museum as well. We really got to take in a lot of the experience that Indium Corporation's location in Upstate New York has to offer.

Shortly after that, our team traveled to IMAPS SiP in Santa Rosa, California (wine country!). We spent our time there promoting many of the same materials as at ECTC, and Sze Pei Lim also presented at the technical conference on “Innovative Materials for Heterogenous Integration Assembly.” Her talk covered the new advancements that Indium Corporation’s semiconductor team has made to improve yields in System-in-Package assembly, especially our new SiPaste® solder pastes, which show consistent printing below 80-micron apertures (around the width of a human hair!). Overall, it was a busy month, but rewarding to meet new contacts, and the wine wasn’t bad either.