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  • In my job as a Technical Support Engineer, I often find myself involved with different projects and departments on a daily basis. When I get so neck deep in the nitty gritty of these projects (big and small), it is helpful to remind myself that our end goal is to benefit the customer.

    Indium Corporation made a  commitment to play a vital role in each customer’s success and so every little project, phone call, trip, conversation, tech paper, or research project that I am part of is step forward in the fulfillment of that goal.

    One great way to illustrate this is when Seth Homer asked me to make a short video to describe how to  remove the double sided release liners from Indium Corporation’s HSMF thermal interface materials (TIMs). This was my first video and I was excited to take this on.

    A couple weeks went by and Seth came to me to thank me for making the video. He had recently visited a customer site where they were using the HSMF TIM and asked about how to remove the release liner. He was happy to report that the solution was easily at hand. He showed them the video and now the customer has a quick and easy guide they can watch and keep as reference for new operators.

    Seth also informed the customer that they were taking some additional steps to make the HSMF TIM more user friendly.

    • Adding a pattern in the liners so there is a clear distinction between the TIM material with the liner.
    • Providing a mechanism for easy removal of the liners.

    This is our commitment to customers – to listen to our customers needs, stay ahead market trends, and provide solutions today for problems of Tomorrow. That is what we mean when we say FROM ONE ENGINEER TO ANOTHER