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How to Release The Liner from HSMF Thermal Interface Materials (TIMs)

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  • Indium Corporation’s Kay Parker, Technical Support Engineer, demonstrates how to remove the release liners from HSMF thermal interface materials (TIMs), which are lined on both sides to protect the polymer layer.

    Kay Parker: My name is Kay Parker; and today, I will be releasing the liner from HSMF thermal interface materials.

    Indium Corporation's HSMF products come with a release liner on both sides to protect the polymer layer.

    Please make sure to remove the release liner before placement.

    This is a little cut-off piece of the thermal interface material. I'll be using transparent tape to help remove the release liner.

    Cut out several pieces of transparent tape, as needed, and place the tape onto one side of the HSMF. Press down on the tape to fully secure it. This will ensure a smooth and easy removal of the release liner.

    Gently peel the tape off the HSMF. Place the side of the HSMF with the already removed liner face down onto the metal and gently press to secure. Remove the other release liner from the HSMF by using the tape.

    Once again, you can peel the tape off the release liner. Now, both sides of the HSMF have the liners removed, and it is ready to use.

    HSMF has an inherent adhesive property, which allows for easy placement on any surface. Note: That HSMF cleans up with isopropyl alcohol (IPA), making your work super easy.

    Today, for illustrative purposes, I will stack these blocks of metal onto one another using the HSMF.

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