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Using Indium's InTEGRATED® Solder Preforms to Set a Washer-Placing High Score

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  • During a recent trip to Dave & Buster’s, I spent a considerable amount of time shooting hoops after holding back Imperial AT-AT Walkers on Hoth in the Star Wars Battle Pod, and saving Gotham in the Batmobile. The objective of the hoop shoot game is to accurately put up as many shots as possible in rapid succession (while simultaneously conquering your nearby opponent) to achieve a high score. The more shots one puts up, the greater your chance of scoring more points. Once you can shoot fast enough, the only problem (other than accuracy) is getting the basketballs to roll back down the ramp quickly enough for you to put up another shot. Any delay can crush the dreams of surpassing any high scores as precious seconds tick off of the shot clock while you anxiously await the arrival of the next ball.

    What if you were fed 10 basketballs at once instead of only one at a time? Chances are, your score would improve because you would be able to shoot more efficiently. Now compare this situation with hand-placing solder washers on connector pins. Would you want to place them one at a time or would you want to place all of them with one shot? Which would be more efficient?

    Hand-placed washers can only be placed as fast as the person can manually pick up and place every single individual washer. On the other hand, using Indium Corporation’s InTEGRATED® Preforms, the person placing the washers can pick up any number of connected washers and accurately place them onto the connector pins in one swift movement. Back at Dave & Buster's, this would be like having each basket made count as ten points to your opponent's one! 

    Another advantage of InTEGRATED® Preforms is the specific design of the solder washer arrays will improve labor output and efficiency. When placing individual washers onto individual pins, the person must place with precision. If they mislay the washer, they have to try again. With InTEGRATED® Preforms, the pitch (or distance) between the washers has been determined by the spacing between connector pins, which reduces the chances of inaccuracy.

    Additionally, Indium Corporation has improved the ordering process for InTEGRATED® Preform by creating a set of standardized of dimensions to provide you with quicker quotes and reduced lead times.

    While individual solder washers still have their place in some applications, when it comes to connector assembly, InTEGRATED® Preforms will most certainly set a high score.

    If you would like to learn more about InTEGRATED® Preforms, or challenge me to a hoop-shoot match, you can contact me at