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2021 Space Tech Expo

  • AuSn
  • Die Attach
  • Thermal Interface Materials

  • The Space Tech Expo in Long Beach, CA (Oct 6-8) is only a week and a half away! The expo is the leading showcase of space technologies and innovations from technical designers, sub-systems suppliers, manufacturers and components, to systems integrators for civil, military, and commercial space applications. For Indium Corporation, this is one of our biggest shows, and we look forward to networking and learning about new applications within this exciting and fast-developing market.

    Indium Corporation will be promoting our AuLTRA™75, a low gold solder solution (75Au25Sn) to achieve low voiding and strong solder joints when using applications that require the use of a thickly plated gold die; AuLTRA™ ThInFORMS™, premium 80Au20Sn preforms <0.0005” thick for die-attach applications that improve thermal transfer and overall operational efficiency, as well as reduce voiding, solder volume, and wicking up the die; along with our Thermal Interface Materials.

    Hope to see you there at booth #1050, and while you're at it, ask us about our Quick Turn Program for new Au preform designs for prototypes. Let us know how we can help you with your future projects!