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Come See Me at High-Temp Electronics Network Show in Oxford, UK

  • AuSn
  • Die Attach
  • Gold Solder

  • If you are working in high-temperature soldering electronics applications, you will not want to miss the High-Temperature Electronics Network (HiTEN 2019) at St. Anne’s College in Oxford, UK, the week of July 8th. This show provides learning opportunities for engineers in a variety of applications in high-temperature electronics soldering, such as downhole, high power RF/ microwave, and high-reliability electronics packaging for harsh environments.

    I will be there talking to engineers about how our Aultra™Thinform™ solder preforms provide thermal transfer for semiconductor laser die-attach bonding, and a number of other AuSn solder bonding applications.

    On Tuesday morning (July 9), I will also be presenting my white paper, “The Impact of AuSn Preform Thickness On Solder Joint Reliability.” The paper looks at how the shear strength, voiding, and the intermetallic layer make-up are affected by changes in the thickness of solder preforms starting under 0.013mm.

    If you’re at the show, please stop by our booth to see me and ask us about our Quick Turn Program for new AuSn preform designs for die-attach applications. I look forward to seeing you and learning about your projects.

    Bernard Leavitt